Startup NC Launch - Idea / Project Proposals

North Carolina has always been a leader in building a better future — from the creation of the country’s first public institution of higher education to the establishment of the RTP and beyond, we have led the effort in making sure our citizens are equipped and ready to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

North Carolina is a hub of intellectual growth and spirit that embodies the entrepreneurial drive. We are a leader in creation of companies that change tomorrow from SAS to IContact. NC is on the path to be the entrepreneurial hub of the south.

To continue this path of success, Startup North Carolina (an official region of the Startup America Partnership) is launching on August 20th in NC and this is your first chance to shape its roadmap. The launch party will include everyone from inspiring entrepreneurs, to government and business leaders.

Submit your ideas / projects and then spread the word to get votes!

  • Be creative
  • Be ambitious
  • Be realistic

Here are a few broad categories we’d love to see the ideas address, but feel free to think outside the box:

  • Access to capital
  • Entrepeneurial education
  • Events
  • Mentorship
  • Miscellaneous
  • Removing unnecessary barriers

The top submissions will have a chance to present in a short, TED / Ignite style talk at the Startup NC launch event on August 20, 2012

Voting ends at midnight (EST) on August 15th. Each person has 10 votes to cast for their favorite ideas / proposals.

How can we improve the NC entrepreneurial ecosystem?

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Enter your idea and we'll search to see if someone has already suggested it.

  1. Monthly Casual Dinner with angels

    Early stage startups need capital to grow, but aren't always sure how to find the right funding. Angel investors want to meet the newest and smartest entrepreneurs in a casual setting.

    What if there was a casual monthly dinner event for angel investors and entrepreneurs to share updates, get feedback, and discuss the possibilities...?

    * This is just an example, but feel free to up-vote and submit your own ideas, more or less involved and extensive than this one.

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